Frame for Alice Pack


Conversely, someone who is planning a long backpacking trip will want to consider the ALICE frame and appropriate pack. There is a medium pack size available as well as a large pack size, which come in different color options and with a few different features. The medium pack can be carried with or without the frame and can accommodate up to 50 pounds of equipment, while the large pack must be carried with the frame and can hold up to 70 alice-pack-with-external-framepounds of equipment. Both packs can accommodate a bedroll strapped to the top or bottom of the pack. Long backpacking trips require careful planning in order to determine individual needs. If the load can be reduced down to 50 pounds or less, a smaller pack is always better than a larger one. Loading an ALICE pack appropriately can go a long way toward how comfortably a pack sits and can make all the difference on hiking excursions.